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Automatic Gate Systems FAQs
  1. We are thinking about gating our community. What is the first thing we should do?
    Request a city planner or fire department representative to inspect the property. Most are very cooperative. The inspector also can recommend companies you can call for a quote.
  2. Are sliding or swinging gates better?
    For multifamily applications, sliding gates provide more access control and fewer incidents of forced entry. However, swinging gates have less maintenance on a daily basis and are more elegant.
  3. What value does gating our community provide?
    In most multifamily applications, residents readily accept a 1 percent to 2 percent rent increase for the installation of gates. This also will pay quickly for the new system. Private home subdivisions report 10 percent to 20 percent property value increases after installing gates.
  4. Our old gate system gives us constant headaches. What can we do to upgrade and what are some of the new technologies?
    Upgrading some or all of the system’s components will help. Many times the gates and infrastructures are fine, but the controls are simply old and worn out. An upgrade can usually be done quickly and placed under warranty. State of the art gate operators and telephone entry control units will provide you with many years of service. Another new trend is adding radio control transmitters to a card or keypad control system. This allows convenience and can generate revenue from deposits/purchases or be a lease renewal incentive. You can reprogram the transmitters if one is lost or stolen; thereby maintain security on the property.
  5. How do I select a good company for installing and maintaining gates?
    Call other gated communities and get their recommendations. Also request information from gate companies to see how promptly and thoroughly they respond. As always, check with the Registrar of Contractors for proper licensing.
  6. We have gates and our residents complain that non residents tailgate them through the gates to gain access to the property. How should we handle this?
    Anti-tail gate arms (parking/barrier gates that drop right behind an authorized entry) help, but they frequently experience damage or breakage. Remember that the gates are for “limited access” only and may be breached. If a resident wants to reduce the chance of trespass, suggest that he or she stop just inside the gate and wait until it closes behind the resident’s vehicle.
  7. What do I do about maintaining and servicing the gates?
    Your gate company can train you to fix minor problems and do a quick check of the system. With proper training, you can fix most problems. If you still need help, call the gate company. Some offer maintenance or extended warranty plans. Regular maintenance, such as greasing hinges and wheels, resetting operators and keeping the track clean, will help keep your gates performing the way they should.

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